Creative Curriculum

At Bedlington Station Primary School we have created a creative curriculum. Our curriculum links together different subjects and areas of learning. We use creative contexts to give children a ‘real-life’ understanding of how the things they are learning can be used in the wider world. We always endeavour to make learning purposeful.

Below is an overview our creative curriculum. The national curriculum is followed across Key stages 1 and 2. Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The National Curriculum we follow can be found here.

While these curriculum sheets give an overview of each year group, the curriculum sheets sent home each half term include details and information specific to that half term.

Acorn (YN)

Willow (YR)

Beech (Y1)

Maple (Y2)

Chestnut (Y3)

Sycamore (Y4)

Rowan (Y5)

Oak (Y6)

Cycle A

Cycle B

Cycle A

Cycle B


PSHE & SRE (KS1 & 2)‍‍‍

At Bedlington Station Primary School we use ‘Jigsaw PSHE’. These parent guid‍‍‍es explain more about PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education and what we cover in the Primary phase through ‘Jigsaw’.