BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool

Online Safety

What happens at school?

At Bedlington Station Primary School we take esafety very seriously. Just like supporting our pupils to identify and deal with everyday real life risks, we believe they should be prepared to tackle the risks of online life in a world of quickly evolving cyber technologies.

Online Safety training for pupils

There is an element of esafety running through all lessons associated with the internet in school. Children are reminded of the rules of esafety regularly, particularly at times they are accessing the internet.

Each year we plan and deliver a whole school esafety week. Every year group takes part at an age appropriate level. We use videos and resources from CEOP and other agencies as a stimulus to promote discussions and debate. At all times pupils are reassured and reminded about the actions they should take if they encounter and esafety risks in their own lives.


Online Safety training for staff

Esafety forms part of the ongoing safeguarding work in school. Staff have regular meetings and appropriate training to ensure that the risks of esafety are demonstrated to pupils in an honest and clear way, while ensuring pupils feel supported.

Online Safety for parents

Esafety is not just a school concern, it pervades all areas of a child's life. In school, esafety is monitored closely, we hope that through the websites above, and our esafety updates on our Facebook page, that parents become more aware of the need to monitor children's use of cyber technologies and give them the knowledge and tools to do so.


In school, everyone who use a computer are asked to sign an acceptable use policy in order to access the internet. Without this agreement in place adults are restricted in their use of computers in school.

All computers in school have software installed which monitors how the computers in school are used, including sites that are visited and words that are typed (this includes in any software on the computer) Regular summaries are emailed to school and are monitored by the Senior Management Team.

Our broadband internet is provided through Northumberland County Council. The filters that are used to screen internet content are very reliable and there are clear procedures in place to report any unacceptable content.

Everyone in school, both adults and children, have individual usernames and passwords that must be used in order to access computers and the internet.