Good behaviour is always recognised and rewarded but where behaviour is inappropriate the use of consequences (sanctions) will be necessary.  Each child has their own Green is Great card displayed on the classroom wall.  Any inappropriate behaviour will be addressed using the following sanctions.  These sanctions will be applied consistently throughout the school.

Consequences (Sanctions)

These will take the form of:

1.    Verbal warning

2.    Internal exclusion - to a designated place within the classroom for 'Time Out' 

3.    Time out in partner classroom

4.    Parents informed (informally)

After no more than 3 triangles the child will be sent to Head Teacher for formal warning.  At this stage a letter is sent to parents informing them that their child's behaviour is reaching an unacceptable level.

6.   3 letters from the Head Teacher will result in a period exclusion.

Any serious incident will result in progressing straight to Number 5 on the plan, and could even result in the immediate exclusion - particularly for violent misconduct.

If a child receives any of the sanctions their card will be changed as appropriate.  Every Friday Mrs Johnston visits each class to find out if everyone has stayed green all week in class and announce if the class has been green all week at lunchtime. If the class has succeeded in staying green Mrs Johnston gets to dance. And they love to dance!  Any children who have not managed to remain green meet in the Rainbow Station to discuss how and what could help them to stay green next week. If children have difficulty remaining green for 3 weeks in a row they will be further supported through a personal behaviour chart.

Behaviour & Rewards

Green is Great – Behaviour Management



School Rules

Move Safely

Take Care of Everybody

Look After Property

Listen Carefully

Follow Instructions


Station Stars are collected by all children in school! They can be earned for displaying good behaviour by following the school rules and also for good work and effort.  Each child add star stickers on a chart to earn individual rewards and also adds a ‘Station Sphere’ to a team collection. The teams are Androids, Gremlins, Swashbucklers, Rocketeers and Bandicoots and each is made up of children from across the school. The first team to fill their container wins a special prize!

Head Teacher Awards

Head Teacher Award certificates are presented in ‘Achievement Assembly’ each Friday. The children who receive these awards have impressed their teacher during the week by producing a piece of outstanding work.

Each week teachers choose a child who has impressed them with their exceptional behaviour during the week. This could including following the school rules or even having amazing manners. These ‘Greenest of the Green’ children are invited to ‘Ice Cream Friday’ in the Rainbow Station where they create their own ice cream desserts!

Ice Cream Friday

Star Tea

Children who have displayed exceptional effort during the week are chosen by their teacher to attend Star Tea. These children may have found something tricky but persevered, tried their absolute best to produce the best work they could or have made a real effort to change or improve their attitude or behaviour towards something. Star Tea takes place in the Rainbow Station with Mr Sutherland. Children attending Star Tea receive a certificate and can even request songs to be played!

Exceptional work and behaviour from children are rewarded in many ways at Bedlington Station Primary School. These are a few of the main ways we reward children.

Station Stars