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As a school we value our after school clubs and recognise the importance of children accessing a range of activities outside of their normal curriculum.

After school activities run by school staff, are organised into 6 week blocks. These activities will be advertised in advance of the start date and you will be able to request a place for your child. Many other schools charge for after school clubs and while our after school clubs will remain free (unless specifically stated), we feel it is important to recognise that there is a cost to the school and staff time to run these clubs. A charge of up to £5 for an hour session to cover staffing, resources and service costs is widely charged by some schools. For this reason, we will require any after school club absence to be communicated to the school office. Obviously, if your child has been absent from school then we will not be expecting them to attend. However, if your child has been at school but is not attending their club, there is an expectation that parents will inform the office. Children who walk home alone will not be allowed to leave school with out confirmation from home that they are not attending the club.

Due to the cost and organisation involved in after school activities, and because we often have a waiting list to join, an absence of 2 sessions (when a child is well and at school) will result in a forfeit of the place. You will be welcome to request future places for your child.

As far as possible, we will avoid cancelling a club session unless absolutely necessary.  On these occasions we will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible.

You are able to book places for after school clubs via the link above. Places are booked on a first come, first served. You will only be contacted by the office in the event that the club does not go ahead due to a lack of interest.

As part of our provision we are always keen to introduce new clubs to compliment some of the clubs we have traditionally run. Any suggestions you may have for possible new clubs would be very welcome.