BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool


Come and visit Station Studios where our TV Producers have been hard at work creating the latest season of ‘PORTAL’, - a TV show that can go anywhere! 


Business tycoon Olive Stein continues to build her media empire with the addition of Portal Design, a contemporary, cutting edge, state of the art, digital design agency for the 21st century.


The forgetful Professor Crankpot has recruited a whole bunch of new scientists to work at Crankpot Industries. Hopefully they can help!


Olive Stein’s latest venture… a publishing house. With her new team of reporters ready to go, issues of The Station Reporter will be selling out fast!


What a year 2012 was. The London Olympics, a jubilee and we turned 100!  What a party we had!


The detectives at The Investigation Bureau are on hand to solve any case that is thrown at them.


The time trickster Vortex has escaped and is travelling through time erasing significant events and individuals from the time line. Only the Time Agents at The TIME Institute can stop him!


Our first visit to Station Studios and the TV show ‘PORTAL’.


A new voice in digital media. Portal Digital is Olive Stein’s newest venture, built around its flagship platform...’The Portal’.


Olive Stein is back again with her latest entertainment concept. Portal Animation Studios brings your exciting, fun-filled animations.