BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool


At Bedlington Station Primary School we feel that good attendance is a vital for children to reach their full potential.

We are committed to working with our parents and outside agencies to ensure that the children are given the best chance possible.

If a child is absent from school we encourage parents/carers to inform school via the telephone so that no absences are left unauthorised.

If no phone call is received, Mrs Rozgowska our Inclusion Mentor, will telephone on the first day of absence and speak to the parent/guardian directly. This is one of the reasons it is vitally important that contact details are kept up to date.

If it is not possible to make contact we will use Parentmail to alert parents via a text message.

If a child’s attendance begins to become a concern then Mrs Rozgowska will write to the parent/guardian and offer support,  which usually takes the form of an informal meeting to discuss any needs or any concerns they may have.

Mrs Rozgowska works very closely with schools Education Welfare Officer. They meet regularly and discuss whole school and individual pupils’ attendance.

Mrs Rozgowska and our EWO will sometimes invite parents to a meeting where help and support is offered to the child/parent/guardian.

If no improvement is made in attendance then the EWO will then be given a referral from school to ensure that the child’s attendance is monitored and improved.

On occasion a home visit will be carried out to parent/guardians homes to see if there is anything further that can be put into place to help the child.

If attendance still does not improve a ‘Fast Track’ will be started for the child. This could result in prosecution if the attendance does not improve over a set period. This is then a matter for the EWO service.