BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool

‘The Station Voice’ is our weekly newsletter which is emailed home each Friday. It includes lots of information about our week in school, as well as messages about upcoming dates and important school information. Watch out for the email.

If you ever miss ‘The Station Voice’, it is available to view via here. .As far as possible, email is our preferred method of communication. All communications sent home are also available to view via your ‘Parent Pay’ account in the ‘Alerts and Communication’ section.

There may be occasions where information needs to be shared at short notice. This will done via email, text message or via Facebook and Twitter in an emergency. It is extremely important that we have up to date contact information for all parents and carers. Please ensure you inform the office of any changes to your contact information immediately.

Teachers are happy to speak to you about any concerns you have or information you may wish to share. They may be available at the end school day but will not be available to speak at the start of the day. The best way to speak to your child’s teacher is to make an appointment via the school office.

Our school website and social media profiles are a great point of information and may hold the answers to any questions you may have. It is also updated regularly with information and photos to show what the children have been doing in school.