BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool

British Values

Our Commitment

Bedlington Station Primary School is committed to serving its community and surrounding areas. We recognise the multicultural, multi-faith nature of the United Kingdom and understand the crucial role our schools play in promoting these values. We are a school for all. This statement outlines the key British values we actively promote and how we do it.


We have a School Council, voted for by pupils, who represent our views and voice to the grown ups who make descisions about our school..

Opportunities to develop children’s understanding of democracy are planned into the curriculum, including Democracy Week and a focus during UK general elections/referendums.

Opportunities in class to allow pupils to be involved in decision making. (e.g. team leaders, class discussions/voting)

London residential visit. Children find out about the home of British democracy and when possible visit the Houses of Parliament and meet with our local MP.

Rule of Law

A clear school rules system with rewards achievable by all and clear support and outcomes for those who choose not to follow the school rules. Rules revisited by staff and pupils regularly. Partnership links with key professionals such as the police. Our school council plays a part in policy making on behalf of the pupils in school.

Mutual Respect

School rules include ‘Take care of everybody’. Children are recognised and earn rewards for being polite, a good friend and demonstrating good manners to all. Manners are promoted throughout school. Children are encouraged to respect others and are supported in making good choices that involve others. Focus on Kindness and Fairness through school values as showcased in 'The Guardians'.

Individual Liberty

An ethos which promotes pupil voice and develops confidence in children to share their thoughts, feeling and ideas. Pupil choices planned in and out of lessons. Children can make choices about their non-class time including indoor or outdoor play and a wide choice of resources to use. Children are also able to choose their own rewards as part of our whole school behaviour system. Curriculum opportunities to develop children’s understanding of Individual Liberty. What it means to have those rights protected and what it if like for other children around the world who do not have this.


A curriculum that has 'Embracing Diversity' at its heart and includes many planned opportunities for children to learn about, discover and experience other cultures, religions, beliefs and places that may be unfamiliar to them. An ethos that supports the Equality Act and promotes acceptance of all. Clear systems to report racism, homophobia and extremism. Links with places of worship and cultural heritage. 'Diversityville' and 'Rainbow Library' initiatives encourage children to celebrate similarities and differences between us. Clear focus on Celebrating Difference through Jigsaw, our PSHE curriculum.