BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool

Station Buddies help staff around school. They ring the bell and collect the registers. The also help teachers with jobs at lunchtime.

Reading Buddies help children to enjoy reading. They run a homework club and help in the library. They also help in other classed with guided reading.

Lunchtime Buddies help the children in school at lunchtime in the hall and when moving around school. They promote good manners in the hall.

Playground Buddies help the children during breaks and lunchtime. They play games on the playground and help in Rainbow Station.


At Bedlington Station Primary School we have 4 teams of ‘Buddies’ who help in a variety of ways across school. All children in year 4, 5 and 6 are eligible to become buddies.

These buddies are children who show that they have a caring attitude towards others and can be a good friend to all children in the school.

To become a buddy these children must apply for the job! They fill in an application form, go through a short interview and then complete a training programme.

Children who are successful sign a contract saying that they promise that they will do their best to look out for other pupils in school and complete their duties. Our buddies wear special bibs so everyone knows who they are.

If anyone is feeling sad, upset or has no one to play with, the buddies are there to help.

There are 4 Buddy roles in school. These are:

Children who are feeling lonely can sit on our 'Buddy bench' and a buddy will come to talk to them.

The buddies have learned lots of games during their training that they can play and include anyone who wants to play.

Each week the buddies have a special meeting to discuss how the week has gone. This is also a time for buddy training. Buddies have special training about lots of things including playground games.

There are also special awards for buddies who do an outstanding job. Each week the teachers and midday supervisors nominate two buddies to be 'Star Buddies'. Each half term there are special buddy awards for each role.