School Priorities – 201‍8‍‍‍/2019‍‍‍

We are continually trying to improve what we do at our school in order to give your children the best experience possible. Each year we devise a School Development Plan (SDP) which outlines our priorities for the year. The priorities in the SDP are based on the changing needs of our school and our pupils.  

The following are key highlights from the 2018-19 ‍‍‍SDP. It is a working document and priorities may change and develop over the year.


Priority One

To ensure good levels of progress and attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths across the school (with a priority on reading) so that both progress and attainment are at least in line with national expectations.

  • Review how reading is taught across the school to ensure it is appropriate to the age of the children and that is teaches specific reading skills.
  • Develop staff understanding of mastery in maths and how this is used to deepen children’s understanding of their learning.
  • Consider how writing is taught across the school and ensure a clear progression of skills.

Priority Two

To ensure a stimulating and comprehensive science curriculum that is fully assessed and to be able to effectively show progress across the curriculum including areas that are not core subjects.


Priority Three
To review the school’s safeguarding and children protection procedures so that records are well maintained and that procedures are in line with best practise.


Priority Four
To ensure the governors are aware of key information about the school (including data, finances, development plan, behaviour and welfare), the school’s key strengths and areas for development and that they understand their role in providing challenge and support.


Priority Five

To embed British values and acceptance of others into the school curriculum with specific focus on ‘mutual respect for and acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.’