BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool


School Priorities – 2021/22

We are continually trying to improve what we do at our school in order to give your children the best experience possible. Each year we devise a School Development Plan (SDP) which outlines our priorities for the year. The priorities in the SDP are based on the changing needs of our school and our pupils.  

The following are key highlights from the 2020-21 SDP. It is a working document and priorities may change and develop over the year.


Priority One

To develop oracy (speaking and listening) skills across the curriculum through a range of strategies including debate, discussion, presentation, explanation, drama and performance.

Priority Two

To develop inclusive classrooms that cater for a range of SEND while using these principles for the benefit of all children. Embed the principles of quality first teaching across the school.  

Priority Three

Develop subject co-ordinator knowledge of their subject(s) across the school (how well the subject is taught across the school and what the next steps are in the development of that subject) through Deep Dives and to develop subject knowledge across school, including what is taught across all age phases (long and medium term plans). Staff to complete subject one-page profiles.  

Priority Four

To relaunch the school’s phonics system to ensure fidelity to Letters and Sounds, using appropriate resources, books and assessment arrangements. To research and consider the available options with regards to commercial systematic synthetic phonics packages. 

Priority Five

To create a high quality early years learning environment, replacing separate Nursery and Reception buildings with a new Early Years unit and fully in line with the new Early Years Foundation Stage guidance, which is statutory from September 2021.