BedlingtonStation PrimarySchool


We continually try to improve what we do at our school in order to give your children the best experience possible. Each year we devise a School Development Plan (SDP) which outlines our priorities for the year. The priorities in the SDP are based on the changing needs of our school and our pupils.  

The following are key highlights from the 2022-23 SDP. It is a working document and priorities may change and develop over the year.

Priority OneTo ensure a consistent approach to writing across the school (using Steps for Writing sheet) in order to raise attainment and coverage across the curriculum..

Priority TwoTo implement Read, Write, Inc (RWI) in appropriate classes with assessments used to set groups. Interventions used to support children where appropriate and parents encouraged to support children at home using online RWI services or physical books.

Priority ThreeTo ensure the school’s curriculum intent weaves through planning and teaching and that planned curriculum contexts are used effectively.

Priority FourImplement the Purple Mash computing scheme of work to ensure progression in computing across the school. Amend planning with identified addition opportunities for computing.

Priority FiveTo review the school’s Behaviour Policy to ensure it is effective, fair and clear.