‍‍‍Bathr‍‍‍oom Mirrors.

The school council identified a need  mirrors in the bathrooms in main school. This was an issue that was brought up by a number of children. The school council researched costs, found appropriate products and met with Mr Sutherland who agreed to buy the mirrors. They have now been installed into both the boys and girls toilets.

Current projects 2018

Our School Council

Our school council is made up of 7 pupils from Reception to Year 6. These pupils were selected in an election where all pupils in‍‍‍‍‍ school had a vote. Each member represents their own class in school and seeks out the views and ideas of that class to share with the council. The council also has a chairperson, secretary and a staff mentor. The council meets monthly to discuss issues and ongoing projects. All pupils can give feedback to the council via feedback forms in the school corridor. The council discusses the ideas generated here with their staff mentor and the Head Teacher

Healthy Packed Lunches.

This is a project the school council are currently looking at. They have worked with Mr Sutherland to come up with a packed lunch policy, which will soon be shared with staff, children and parents.


This is an ongoing area for improvement identified by the school council.

So far they have:

* Carried out questionnaires across school and used their answers to gain knowledge of and improve our whole school recycling.‍‍‍

* Provided each classroom (including Rainbow Station and HUB) with 3 types of bin; waste and fruit, milk and paper/card.‍‍‍

* Selected a recycling monitor for each class who is in charge of monitoring recycling in class.

* Started to discuss composting.

‍‍‍MP Visit‍‍‍

After Year 6 met Ian Lavery MP at the Houses of Parliament in London he asked if he could come and speak to our school council about their work and to offer advice and answer any questions they had. In December 2016 Mr Lavery met with years 5 and 6 before meeting with the school council.

Council News

Previous projects

Bike and Scooter storage.

This is an area for improvement identified by the school council. They are currently preparing for a new bike shed for the yard, which will be more organised and secure.‍‍‍


School Council Newsletter

This new area is being discussed by the school council. They are hoping to create a monthly newsletter which will update all staff, children and parents about current school council issues and projects.

Grand Re-opening

The School Councillors attended the official Bedlington Station Coop opening and represented our school well.