04.9.18 New Head Introduction

04.9.18 New Head Introduction- pupils

Local visits permission form

04.10.18 After School Clubs

11.10.18 Y3 Hancock Visit

‍18.10.18 Poverty proofing

04.10.18 London 2018 Final Letter

13.09.18 Data Collection sheet

10.11.18 Hancock letter

11.10.18 OFSTED Inspection Outcome

06.11.18 Parents Evening Letter

08.11.18 Multi Skills Y2

12.11.18 Image Use Consent

15.11.18 Athletics

08.11.18 Beamish Letter

30.11.18 Pupil Premium Free Prize Draw

12.10.18 Learning Ladders

27.09.18 Learning Ladders

30.11.18 Christmas Remixed

06.12.18 Y6 SATS information for parents

23.11.18 Y6 SATS Parent Meeting

14.12.18 Curriculum Project 2019

Bedlington Bookmark Autumn 2018

Bedlington Bookmark Autumn 2018

08.01.19 Reception Teacher Letter

Curriculum Project 2019 Letter

08.01.19 Portal Animation Studios Letter

16.01.19 Y2 SATS Test Letter

13.09.18 1st Edition

20.09.18 2nd Edition

27.09.18 3rd Edition

04.10.18 4th Edition

11.10.18 5th Edition

18.10.18 6th Edition

25.10.18 7th Edition

08.11.18 8th Edition

15.11.18 9th Edition

23.11.18 10th Edition

30.11.18 11th Edition

07.12.18 12th Edition

14.12.18 13th Edition

21.12.18 14th Edition

11.01.19 15th Edition

18.01.19 16th Edition

FIFA Web Safety

25.01.19 17th Edition

01.02.19 18th Edition

08.02.19 19th Edition

Youtube Web Safety Parents Guide

Bedlington Bookmark Spring 2019

15.02.19 20th Edition

Curriculum Overview Y41A

Homework Challenge Y41A

Homework Challenge Y51A

Curriculum Overview Y51A

Homework Challenge Y11A

Curriculum Overview YN1B

Curriculum Overview YR1B

Homework Challenge Y11B

Curriculum Overview Y11B

Curriculum Overview Y21B

Homework Challenge Y31B

Curriculum Overview Y31B

Homework Challenge Y41B

Homework Challenge Y51B

Curriculum Overview Y51B

Homework Challenge Y61B

Curriculum Overview Y61B

Curriculum Overview Y41B

Homework Challenge Y21B

Homework Challenge Y61A

Curriculum Overview Y61A

Curriculum Overview Y62A

Homework Challenge Y62A

Homework Challenge Y12A

Curriculum Overview Y12A

Curriculum Overview Y52A

Station Voice

01.03.19 21st Edition

MOMO Web Safety Guide

Curriculum Overview Y52B

Homework Challenge Y52B

Curriculum Overview YN2B

Curriculum Overview YN2A

Robinwood 2019 Itineray

Curriculum Overview Y32B

Homework Challenge Y32B

Homework Challenge Y22B

Curriculum Overview Y22B

Homework Challenge Y21A

Homework Challenge Y22A

Curriculum Overview Y22A

08.03.19 22nd Edition

08.03.19 Science Week

Curriculum Overview Y62B

Homework Challenge Y62B

13.03.19 Changes of Staffing

15.03.19 23rd Edition

15.03.19 Y6 SATs workshop day - Easter holidays

15.03.19 Great Big School Clean

Homework Challenge Y52A

Homework Challenge YN2B

Homework Challenge Y12B

Curriculum Overview Y12B

Curriculum Overview Y11A

Homework Challenge Y31A

Curriculum Overview Y31A

Homework Challenge Y32A

Curriculum Overview Y32A

Curriculum Overview Y42A

Homework Challenge Y42A

Curriculum Overview Y42B

Homework Challenge Y42B

22.03.19 24th Edition

Bedlington Bookmark Spring 2019

23.04.19 Lunch Debt Letter

24.4.19 Robinwood 2019 Final Info

Curriculum Overview Y13A

Homework Challenge Y13A

Curriculum Overview Y33A

Homework Challenge Y33A

29.03.19 - 25th Edition

05.04.19 - 26th Edition

26.04.19 - 27th Edition

Homework Challenge Y53A

Curriculum Overview Y53A

Curriculum Overview Y43B

10.05.19 - 28th Edition

17.05.19 - 29th Edition

13.05.19 The Alnwick Garden Trip

05.04.19 Operation Encompass

Homework Challenge Y43B

Curriculum Overview Y33B

Homework Challenge Y33B

Curriculum Overview Y33B

Homework Challenge Y13B

Curriculum Overview Y13B

Homework Challenge YN3B

Curriculum Overview YN3B

Homework Challenge Y23A

Curriculum Overview Y23A

15.05.19 Year 2 SATS


Curriculum Overview YN3A

Homework Challenge YN3A

03.05.19 SATs letter

information - reminder

Bedlington Bookmark

Summer 2019

24.05.19 - 30th Edition

20.05.19 Centre For Life


Homework Challenge Y53B

07.06.19 - 31st Edition

07.06.19 Y5 RSE 2019

07.06.19 - Y6 NSN Festival

04.06.19 New Reception


Curriculum Overview Y23B

Homework Challenge Y23B

11.06.19 Nursery Open Day

July 2019

Curriculum Overview YR2A

Curriculum Overview YR2B

Curriculum Overview YR3A

Curriculum Overview YR3B

Homework Challenge YR2B

Homework Challenge YR3B

Homework Challenge YR3A

Homework Challenge YR2A

Homework Challenge YR1B

14.06.19 Sports Week 2019

14.06.19 - 32nd Edition

Curriculum Overview Y53B

Curriculum Overview Y63B

20.06.19 Nursery Diary


21.06.19 Y4 ALC taster

session 2019

Y6 Leaver's performance

Y6 Sleepover letter 2019

Letter to Year 2 re: School Meals

27.06.19 Cleaswell Hill


26.06.19 General

Permission Letter

28.06.19 - 34th Edition

02.07.19 Meet the Teachers Day

05.07.19 Face Painting


04.07.19 - 35th Edition





Station Voice

Curriculum Overview

Year 3 1A

Curriculum Overview

Year 5 1A

Homework Challenge

Year 3 1A

Homework Challenge

Year 5 1A

06.09.19 NSPCC Letter

Edition 1 - 06.09.19

Homework Challenge

Year R 1A

Curriculum Overview

Year R 1A

13.09.19 Skipping

Festival 2019

Curriculum Overview

Year N 1A

Homework Challenge

Year N 1A

19.09.19 London 2019

Final Letter

Edition 2 - 13.09.19

Homework Challenge

Year 2 1A

Curriculum Overview

Year 2 1A

Curriculum Overview

Year 6 1A

Homework Challenge

Year 6 1A

Curriculum Overview

Year 4 1A

Homework Challenge

Year 4 1A

Edition 3 - 20.09.19

11.09.19 Junior Sports


20.09.19 Hancock Trip