The Launchpad

The HUB really is a hive of activity in school! A versatile teaching and learning space, there is always something going on there. Even within The HUB there are other special areas to discover!

The HUB is open at lunchtimes for children to come and chat, use an iPad or perhaps draw.

It is also the home of digital technology in our school. Classes and groups come to The HUB to use our laptops and iPads.

The HUB houses our non-fiction library too. Children from across the school come to use the library every week.

The  Launchpad is a great place for groups to come and learn. The Launchpad is run by Mrs Davison and used by children of all ages. Some children also use The Launchpad to access special computer programmes, such as ‘Nessy’ to help them learn. It is always a fun place to be!