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School Closure in place from 3pm Friday 20th March 2020



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Twinkl's School Closure Resource Packs make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home.

Each week a new pack will be added. Please feel free to use these as much or a little as you wish.

They offer a more structured approach to each week for those parents that would like that.

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Home Learning Plan

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Update 2



Update 1

This half term Willow Class' topic is 'Art Gallery'. We are Time Agents speaking to and helping artists from the past. We have been finding out about Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

Topic linked activities

Research artists Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh using the internet safely. Look carefully at their paintings. Do you like them? Why? Talk to your grown up about the paintings, do they like them. Why?

Watch the stories ‘Katie and The Mona Lisa, Van Gogh and the Sunflowers and Katie and the Starry Night’ on Youtube.

Could you use your research to write a few facts about each artist? Your sentences should have capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Remember to sound out each word and listen hard for the middle sounds.

Leonardo Da Vinci was scientist and an inventor too. He designed lots of flying machines. Use the internet to research some of these. Design your own flying machine and label it too.

Ask a grown up to show you how to make paper aeroplanes or use a Youtube tutorial to follow instead. Test your paper planes and measure the distance they travelled with toys such as blocks “My plane travelled 15 blocks” or you could use a tape measure. You might like to measure using both measurements. Which one goes the furthest? Why might that be? Write a message to your teacher on tapestry to tell them what you’ve been doing, maybe you can send a photo too. Your teacher may write back! (secret- they certainly will, they miss you already!)

Draw, paint or use technology to do a self portrait. You could also do a portrait of a family member in the same way.

Draw, paint or make a model of a spring flower.  

Research other artists we haven’t looked at. Why do you like them? What is your favourite art you have found? What do you like about it? Can you make a replica?

Other fun activities and websites

Read, Read, Read!

Make an obstacle course. What can you use to travel over, under and through? Time yourself to complete the challenge, can you improve your time?

Build a den using sheets, blankets, pillows and pegs then share a story or make you own up! Can you take a photograph on your own and put it on Tapestry for your teachers to see? Can you make a sign or poster to tell people about your den and what happens there?

Looking around outside in your garden, do you notice signs of Spring. Can you find buds on trees or flowers growing? Take photos or draw what you see.

Choose a recipe and help a grown up to bake it. See if you can be in charge of the measuring. Can you read the recipe book and measure the ingredients correctly?  

Go on an old photo hunt in your house and ask your grown up to talk about them to you. How have people changed? What was different? What is the same?

Choose an animal you love. Use the internet and books to find out facts about the animal. Find out whether it comes from an egg, how it grows, what it eats, where it lives, how big it is, what it needs to be healthy etc. Choose how your record what you find out. It could be a poster, a picture and sentence, a booklet, video, model or all of this!

Go on a technology hunt in your house. Can you find all the things that need to be plugged in or turned on to work. Can you write or draw the things you find? Should we leave things on all the time? Why?

Go on a junk hunt for boxes, tubes, lids and pots. Look at what you have and design a model you would like to build. It could be a rocket or a dinosaur. Label your design with the materials you will use. Can you make an amazing model with them? Take photographs of your design and model to show us on tapestry.

Go on a coin hunt and collect together the coins in your house, Can you sort them into different types and learn how much they are worth? You could make a shop with your toys and practise buying things with the coins? -Use objects or toys to solve simple single digit addition and subtraction problems such as 4+8= or 9-6=-Using objects, toys or food at meal times can you learn to share (fairly), half and double (we usually use pairs of shoes to help us understand this)?


Keep a eye on Tapestry for tasks and activities too!


Update 3


Speaking and Listening - watch you tube and talk about stories by Julia Donaldson especially those stories with mini beast theme e.g. snail and the whale, Superworm,. The very busy spider by Eric Carle.

Reading - should be part of everyday activities even for 10 mins.  

Writing - diary, mini best lists, shopping lists, letters to friends, write about your favourite mini beast

Maths - see Tapestry for weekly challenges counting to and back to 20, doubling and halving, patterns, 3 D shapes, addition and subtraction with numbers to 10.

Art - paint, draw and construct mini-beast.

Building and modelling - mini beast homes. Can you construct a castle for your mini-beast?

Exploring  - How many different types of mini beasts can you find?  Look at sizes and shapes. How do they move where did you find them?

Helping around the home - helping to tidy up, helping to lay table for tea. Do you have enough knives and forks? Helping to wash and dry up dishes. Look after flowers and plants in garden.

Make-believe play - Go on mini-beast adventures. Make small world parks or worlds for pretend mini-beast. Movement - throwing and catching, balancing



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