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School Closure in place from 3pm Friday 20th March 2020



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Twinkl's School Closure Resource Packs make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home.

Each week a new pack will be added. Please feel free to use these as much or a little as you wish.

They offer a more structured approach to each week for those parents that would like that.

You will need to create a free account to access the resource links in the packs.

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Home Learning Plan

Sycamore Class

Year 4

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Daily maths lessons with White Rose, a programme used to support maths in school, but designed for home! Clear videos and activities, complete with answers! Follow the suggested plan or dip in wherever you like.



Choose an English lesson


Update 3



Can you list all the objects in your home that are powered by electricity? Once you have your list can you then work out which are powered by mains electricity and which are powered by batteries?

Fact File - Carry out some research on Electricity. What is it? How does it travel? Can you find out which materials conduct electricity? See what you can find out!


It would have been sports day this half term. Can you set up your own mini sports day at home? Compete against the people you live with? Be creative, you don't need a lot of space, many exercises can be done on the spot, such as jumping and skipping. Have fun!

Update 2

Additional English Ideas

Write your own Mystery Story. Who or what goes missing in your story?Think about language that you could include that could build suspense.

Create a Missing Poster for the person/object that is missing in your mystery story. How would you attract people to your poster? Could you offer a reward? Think carefully about the key information which is needed for your poster.

Character Study. Read a book. Write a character study of the main character. You may begin by drawing them and then annotating your drawing with information you know about them.

Additional Maths Ideas

Practise your Times Tables on Times Tables Rockstars.

Division. Create your own calculations and work out the answers. Focus on TU ÷ U. If you can tryHTU ÷ U.

Problem Solving Can you write your own word problem based on a 56 ÷ 8 = 7.Challenge someone at home to solve it!

Fractions Create your own poster teaching people about fractions. Include any facts you already know as well as stuff you can find out.  


Sound. How do we hear? What is Sound? Carry out research and create your own fact file on Sound.

Art Create a portrait of somebody at home. Make sure you carefully use your observational skills.


Update 1


Write a character profile of a Greek god or goddess. What are their powers? Who are their relatives? What words could you use to describe them?

Write a diary as if you had spent the day with Zeus. Where do you go? What do you do? Remember to keep your writing in first person.Greek MythWrite your own Greek myth. Can you include a Greek god or goddess? Try to include dialogue between characters as well as some fronted adverbial.


Practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars.

Multiplication - Create your own calculations and work out the answers. Focus on HTU x U.

Problem Solving - Can you write your own word problem based on a 7 x 8 =. 56. Challenge someone at home to solve it!

Related Facts - If you know 9 x 8=72, what else do you know? (Eg. 90x8=720)


Design your own Greek pot. Draw your design.

Draw a diagram of the human digestive system. Label all of the organs.

Can you find Greece on a map. Can you identify key cities and landmarks and create a labelled map with information about these.


Resource Pack 4