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Information for Parents & Carers

School Closure in place from 3pm Friday 20th March 2020



Mr Hamilton


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Twinkl's School Closure Resource Packs make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home.

Each week a new pack will be added. Please feel free to use these as much or a little as you wish.

They offer a more structured approach to each week for those parents that would like that.

You will need to create a free account to access the resource links in the packs.

Resource Pack 1


Resource Pack 2

Resource Pack 3


Home Learning Plan

Oak Class

Year 6


Choose an English lesson



Evolution and Inheritance (Complete in order.)



Ancient Egyptians (Complete in order)






Original Tasks

English and Maths

The children can continue to use their SAT revision books at home. There are a range of books that cover English, maths and grammar. As well as this, the children have access to School 360.  On here, the children will find tasks and games to help them revise. Once on the School 360 website, select resources and then click on J2e and J2blast. This will allow the children to practice spelling tests, times tables and maths tests.

Reading Comprehension

CGP Books: Your child should have 2 comprehension books. We ask that the children work through these in order (Book 1 first and then Book 2).

10 Minute CGP Test Book: Any uncompleted tests will be good practise.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

CGP Test Book: Work through this daily.  

Daily SPAG Questions: There are some daily SPAG questions for children to complete.


Go to Complete the daily work for each picture on there. We would love you to share the writing with us that you produce – let your imagination run wild!

Daily Reading!

There is still an expectation that children will read daily. This is a great opportunity to read some good books – us adults certainly will be! Remember to record your reading on your book mark.

Maths Revision Materials: There are a set of revision books (CGP) with key information on for your child to revise and use to help when answering questions.

Daily Arithmetic: The children all have a login for Times Table Rockstars and School 360. Please use both websites to practice daily arithmetic and times tables.



Human Body - Our Science topic is currently ‘The Human Body’. Can you draw a labelled diagram of the Circulatory system or design and make a booklet based on a healthy person’s lifestyle and a ‘couched potato’ person’s lifestyle.

Research and develop a non-chronological report (information sheet). How the children choose to do this, is up to them. They may choose to do it on the computer or write it by hand. I have added some websites to help:    


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Daily maths lessons with White Rose, a programme used to support maths in school, but designed for home! Clear videos and activities, complete with answers! Follow the suggested plan or dip in wherever you like.



Resource Pack 4