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Curl up together to watch one of these movies and then click the links to have a go at some fun 'film based' activities.

Movie Time

Based on 'Big Hero 6'

Create a 'Tinkerbox' and make Baymax puppets.

Make your own chemistry concoctions.

Make 'Oobleck' and create a chemical reaction.

Make an origami Baymax!

Make an balloon Baymax!

Spot the difference

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Based on 'Harry Potter'

Make your own alchemy lab

Create your own 'invisible ink'

Use science to create 'magic'

Make a light-up magic wand

Make troll bogey slime

Learn the 'Revelio' charm


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Based on 'The Lego Movie'

Build a Lego catapult

Engineer a way to pour your cereal

Design a Lego zip line

Lego Word search

Lego Movie - Build a story

Film your own Lego Movie with

stop-motion animation

Based on 'Frozen'

Elsa's ice castle melting experiment

Find out about fractals

How to make artificial snow

Frozen Water Magic Science

Paintsicles Frozen painting

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands

Frozen Story Stones

rise of skywalker theatrical poster

Based on 'Star Wars'

Create the Star Wars galaxy with maths!

Lego Star Wars Yoda's slime swap

Build a play-dough Death Star

Star Wars Shadow Puppets

Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Paper Plate Darth Vader Puppet

Star Wars Printable Bingo Game

Lego Star Wars Printable Game Cards

Star Wars printable activities

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Based on 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Dire Diversions - Official website of the books

Activity Kit

Invention Challenges

Kids Invent Stuff - Youtube

Codes and Ciphers

Secret Codes

Book 1 - A Bad Beginning Audiobook

Based on 'Mary and the Witch's Flower'

Illustrate a fantasy creature

Create your own 'Witch's Flowers'

Play 'The Worst Witch' online challenge

Write your own 'spells'

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Based on 'The Adventures of Tintin'

Tintin Movie Activities

Original Tintin

Read Tintin Comics Online

How To Draw Tintin And Snowy

Don't want to watch a full movie? Try a short instead!

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Based on 'One Small Step'

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 1

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 2

Story Activities

Space Craft Activities

NASA Kids Club

Feast (2014 film) logo
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Based on 'Feast'

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 1

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 2

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 3

Super Sentence Stacker - Session 4

How To Draw Winston The Dog

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Check out The Training Space  on Youtube for Super Sentence Stacker Sessions you can join in with LIVE.

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Based on 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'

Dress A Sprite

Create A Wood Elf Mask

Test Your Faerie Knowledge

Design a Faerie Map

Spiderwick Board Game (Board)

Spiderwick Board Game (Cards)

Spiderwick Trading Cards

Meet The Author

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TV Series