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School Closure in place from 3pm Friday 20th March 2020



Mrs Patterson


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Twinkl's School Closure Resource Packs make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home.

Each week a new pack will be added. Please feel free to use these as much or a little as you wish.

They offer a more structured approach to each week for those parents that would like that.

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Home Learning Plan


Maple Class

Year 2


Choose an English lesson


Update 3

We would usually have a visit to Alnwick Gardens at this time so I thought it would be nice if some of our work focused on the wonderful gardens.

Follow the link to look at a map of Alnwick Gardens online.  

  • Design your own garden and draw a map of what it might look like.  To do this you might want to look at other images of gardens online but Alnwick Garden one will give you some good ideas.  Draw it and remember to label it.
  • Research Alnwick Gardens and find out the history behind them.  Who started them?  What was there before?  How long have they been open?  What happens in the tree house?  What size is it?  Is it open all year around? What sorts of plants do they have there?
  • Choose 3 plants which grow at Alnwick Gardens.  Find out about the plants.  What conditions do they like to grow in?  Do they flower?  Do they need pruning? Are they green all year around?  You could even make a little plant booklet telling the reader all about the plants you have chosen
  • Find out what perennial and annual means.
  • If you have grown any plants at home during the lockdown then please photograph them and share them on twitter using #BSPSAtHome


Update 2

This half term we usually work for Regina Flowerton.  We create a Book of Wonder all about nature.  We study plants and how they grow.  We usually begin with planting seeds to find out what they need to germinate.  If you can do any of the following at home this half term then that would be brilliant.

  • Plant a seed so you can watch it grow into a plant over the next few weeks.  A broad bean or a sunflower grow quickly so either of these would be a good choice.  If you cannot get these then plant any seed you have.  If you don’t have any seeds then you can research on the internet.  
  • See if you can answer the following questions.


What does a seed needs to germinate.  
What does a plant need to grow?  



  • Watch       



  • Write instructions to explain how to plant a seed.
  • Write instructions on how to care for your plant.
  • Draw illustrations of your plant growing and how it changes each week.
  • Keep a diary of your plants height be measuring its growth each week.




Update 1

Think about a fantasy story such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland or Zog. Write character descriptions, setting descriptions, letters and postcards to and from the characters.

Read at home each day.


Create a tally chart for favourite colours (make up numbers).  Then make a pictogram of the information.  Can you write questions to interpret this pictogram?

Find as many 3D shapes around the kitchen as you can.  Can you find cylinders, cuboids, cubes, triangular prisms?

Make a cake.  Make sure you weigh all the ingredients using the scales.  Can you read the scale?


Drawing bar charts and pictograms - Count colours of flowers in the garden and make a bar chart.

Shape -  recognising 2D and 3D shapes. Talk about features of 3D shapes; sides, vertices, faces.

Number - counting in 2's 3's 5'sand 10's. Counting in 10's from any given number i.e 3, 13, 23. Odd and even numbers



Write a information paragraph on David Hockney using the internet to research.


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Daily maths lessons with White Rose, a programme used to support maths in school, but designed for home! Clear videos and activities, complete with answers! Follow the suggested plan or dip in wherever you like.



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