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School Closure in place from 3pm Friday 20th March 2020



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Twinkl's School Closure Resource Packs make it as stress-free as possible for parents to teach their children from home.

Each week a new pack will be added. Please feel free to use these as much or a little as you wish.

They offer a more structured approach to each week for those parents that would like that.

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Resource Pack 1


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Home Learning Plan

Beech Class

Year 1

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Daily maths lessons with White Rose, a programme used to support maths in school, but designed for home! Clear videos and activities, complete with answers! Follow the suggested plan or dip in wherever you like.



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Update 1


Can you follow instructions on how to make playdough?  Click the link for instructions on how to make playdough:

Then you can have lots of fun using the playdough!

The children have been writing lists of the things they need and putting instructions in order. Follow instructions to make cake Make instructions about brushing teeth

Nursery rhymes

Do they know any nursery rhymes?  Can they make their own nursery rhymes


Practice spelling the days of the week and putting the days in order. They can use this song to help:



Maths game: what is my number? Using numbers up to 50.  Adult/child to think of a number, the other person has to ask questions to find out the number.  Is the number smaller than 40?  Does it have 1 ten?  Does it have 3 ones?  The children play this game in school so should be very good at keeping you right!  Encourage children to think about how many tens and ones a number has e.g. 34 would have 3 tens and 4 ones.  Click the link for interactive number square:

Maths bootcamp:  Children to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Pick an exercise e.g. star jumps, skipping and jogging on the spot. Children to count while completing the skills.  Or there are lots of videos in which the children can join in:

We have been looking at numbers up to 50 and reading and writing numbers. We have been looking at numbers that are 1 less and 1 more. They have been putting numbers in order: can they count forwards and backwards?

Play board games as a family Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Roll the dice and tell me the number that is one more or less less, can they roll two dice and make a two digit number and do the same?

Number formation

Make sure the numbers are the correct way round and formed correctly

Phonics games

Alphablocks is a brilliant series on Youtube or BBC iPlayer which can help children with their phonics.  Again, Phonics Play and Phonics bloom have some brilliant games for an iPad, Tablet or laptop.

Children to recap phases 2-5


We’ve been looking at plastic and the effect this has on our environment.  Can you use any old plastic bottles that you may have in the house to make planters for flowers? You may need an adult to help you cut the bottles.  



Google an animal that was in the story Handa's Surprise. If you click on ‘View in 3D’ that animal will be in your house! See if you can find out some information about that animal and create your own video about that animal!

Seasonal Change: Can you collect any flowers or leaves from your garden or when you go on a walk? What do you notice about the flowers that are starting to bloom? How is this different to winter? Make a flower/leave collage

Create a weather diary, Each day the children can the children draw a picture to describe the different types of weather and see how it changes at different points of the day.



Create a rainbow for your window; can you impress the adults by saying the colours of the rainbow in French?



Online Safety: Search it up is a series designed to help families learn about online safety. It covers topics from cyberbullying to protecting personal information and much more.



Looking at food and where it comes from. Can they look at different food packaging and find out where it comes from. Talking with family about foods that they ate when they were younger.

Make a collage using lots of different materials- cutting out of magazines etc

Looking at healthy recipes- following the instructions.

Talking to family about Easter- Design and draw patterned Easter eggs.


Practice these skills at home

Tying shoe laces

Fastening/ unfastening buttons

Turning clothes the right way round

Zipping coats up

Shoes on the right feet



Resource Pack 4