‍‍‍‍‍‍HEALTH NEWS‍‍‍:‍‍‍ teacher in overeating scandal!

Yesterday, Miss Couched Potato (who is an overweight primary school teacher) was caught, yet again red-handed or indeed, crumb-handed scoffing her face with cafeteria leftovers and confiscated snacks pupils had in their trouser pockets during school hours. Miss Couched Potato was soon taken to the police station by her boss, the headmaster (who was the one who had spotted her stuffing her mouth with food) and was sentenced to three years in jail. Later that day, the workers were taking the dinner to the man in the next cellar when they noticed that Miss Couched Potato’s cellar was empty. They then spotted a huge hole in the wall, shaped like a fat person. She beyond heavy! At 7:00pm that night, she was spied by the workers running slower than a blue whales’ heartbeat (which beats only 6 times a minute). Locked up in a cellar with triple the wall depth is where she is now located. Hopefully that’ll hold her!  

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍HEALTH NEWS‍‍‍: ‍‍‍Soap‍‍‍ star jimmy fat spotted!

‍‍‍News flash…the obese Jimmy Fat was spotted in Fat To Fit gym appearing surprisingly skinny! Jimmy explained to us earlier how he had overcome his weight problem. “Well, I was eating a double cheese burger when I spotted an ad that advertised Fat To Fit gym; I went home and believe it or not ate an egg salad of all‍‍‍ things. The very next day I attended Fat To Fit gym and here I am!”Are you inspired by Jimmy’s story ad the egg salad? Then head down to Fat To Fit  gym now!        

HEALTH NEWS‍‍‍‍‍‍: Gym coach schooled in how to‍‍‍ stay healthy‍‍‍

Here it is! The gym coach (Jeff Suckle) has been CAUGHT red-handed drinking a Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks via his hidden diary camera (he has no knowledge of this). He claims to have never consumed the ‘horrid’ drink (his words) yet his trainer claims she witnessed him drinking one of those sugary delights. Jeff Suckle is now in health re-hab and is now following a strict healthy lifestyle regime.


·   Drink plenty of water

·   Ensure he has sufficient sleep

·   Stay active

·   Eat more fruit and vegetables

·   Switch off screen and get active

Quote Cirecle 2

The Big Interview

Digi Pod 6 are highly interested in people’s lifestyles and diets. We sent our reported to speak to Heath Ly, healthy living guru, to f‍‍‍ind out more.

We were wondering whether it is new year, new you or same old, same old?

Heath: New year, new me. Yes, definitely new year, new me. Interviewer:

Do you feel like you have a healthy diet ?

Heath: Oh, yes. Most definitely. No doubt about it. You should see my healthy-stocked cupboards and fridge.

What does your diet consist of?

Heath: A complete range so carbohydrates, protein, fat, fruit and vegetables. I eat everything in moderation, for example I wouldn’t eat a plate full of fatty food, however, I do make sure I have some fat each day as your body requires a range of food types.

Do you feel like you have a healthy lifestyle?

Heath: Yes.

Can you tell me what a healthy lifestyle is?

Heath: It is when you drink water, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, have sufficient sleep, stay active and switch of electronics.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you again‍‍‍.