18.01.18 Welcome to Portal Digital  

W‍‍‍e are about to take you through our Portal Digital journey in Digi-Pod 4.  So far in our journey we have received our Portal Digital staff badges which highlights we are now a Digital Developer.  For every day we attend ‘work’, we receive digi-credits for our hard work and effort.  For coming to work on time, we can claim an extra 5 credits.  We can exchange our digi-credits for bigger prizes; you need to have a hundred plus to claim a prize.  The more credits you have the bigger the prize! To show we belong to Digi-pod 4, we wear a vibrant yellow tee-shirt, which all love.  Each Digi-pod wears a different colour tee-shirt. Currently we have been recording our street dance and top tips for fractions.  We really are loving the street dance!

Make sure you check back each week for more updates on our blog.

Alex and Abbey


Today we received our work badges then we walked into the hall and received our first QR codes from Olive Stein, our boss. One of our QR codes told us to find out about our lifestyle choices and the impact this has on us as humans. First of all, my team found out about the Circulatory System and are going to create a fun and informative video. Secondly, my team researched what a healthy lifestyle consists of.


Today we presented information about the Circulatory system in the form of a poster/help page. Some Digital Developers created interview questions about lifestyle in preparation for the interviews we are going to carry out. As well as this, some Digital Developers created news stories about healthy and unhealthy people.


Today some of our Digital Developers created a video for Olive Stein providing information about the Circulatory System; some of us acted out various stages of this system. This is something we feel will be helpful to youngsters.


Today we received our QR codes from Olive Stein (our boss). Our tasks are: daily blogs; a video based on how to order fractions, decimals and percentages; a presentation about the heart, blood and blood vessels; and a playscript about healthy and unhealthy people. We have worked on converting fractions, decimals and percentages and have discovered that you need to ensure you convert all into fractions where the denominator is 100ths. As well as this, we have practised our reading comprehension skills through completing a reading SAT paper.


Today we moved on from ordering fractions, decimals and percentages; we found fractions of amounts. To do this, we know that we need to divide the amount/number by the denominator and then multiply by the numerator. At first, it was quite hard but when we went through it with our Digipod Manager (Miss Tuart) it was easy. As well as this, we have been working on our Grammar skills; we did this by completing a Grammar SAT. The last thing that we did today was some research on heart and blood in partners. The first question we investigated was what are blood vessels? The last question that we investigated what is the job of blood vessels?


‍‍‍Today we continued to find fractions of amounts. Some of us even managed to problem solve with this. We worked in teams to plan our playscript about unhealthy people; on sugar paper we wrote down what we want their life to be like in the future. Some of us have written our scripts already.


‍‍‍Welcome back to portal digital!

Every week we scan a QR code sent by Olive Stein(our Portal Digital Manager)She also sends us messages on what we need to update on our website. So far this week in our Portal Digital journey we have had an interview with Michael from the very famous book SKELLIG. He  gave us lots of insight to his book. We found filming a little tricky this week so make sure to go and check it out.  We have sent you some information about the man in the garage. We have made a bubble map to show you. We have recorded part 2 of our video on street dancing... Go and check out our simple guide to becoming a professional! Make sure to check our blog every week!


Monday 15th of January wasn’t any ordinary school day. As I walked into Portal Digital ready for my new role as a digital developer in DigiPod 5, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. My first impression of our Boss Olive Stein was ‘Wow you’re loud!’ In our first meeting we were informed about what we would be doing and she shared her vision for the future of Portal Digital. Her moto was ‘Work hard! Work fast! Work now!’

The first memo we received was a digital content request for a graphic novel features guide. We researched the key features of graphic novels and then practised writing our own novels online. Our second digital content request was to create an animation to explain and show the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. We found out about these life cycles and filled in the blanks from what we already knew on our information cards. We worked in our teams to film our own videos which explain each life cycle.

Our first report was a Japanese language video. Since none of the workers in Digi Pod 5 knew any Japanese, we used YouTube to guide us. After watching some Japanese tutorials and picking out some key words and phrases we used iPads to film our guide. The next content request was for a cyber bullying information sheet. We included topics such as how to prevent cyber bullying, what it is, what it looks like and what you should do if it happens to you.

We were then asked to create a video about how to calculate perimeter and area. We brushed up on our skills by calculating the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes and then used what we knew to make a video teaching others how to do the same thing. So far my experience of working in DigiPod 5 has been different in a good way. I love my new uniform especially the colour. It feels more grown up to be at work instead of school. It’s good that we get tokens when we work hard. It’s a reward for our efforts. Breaks in the DigiDen are fun, although it would be nice to have breaks that are a little longer. Overall I am very happy so far with my work in DigiPod 5. I am excited about what is to come in the future.



This week we have been writing a draft letter to send to companies to promote our product that we are making in Digipod 4. We have also discovered facts about Annie Liebovitz and looked at some of her most famous work and her style of photography. Yesterday we photographed each other to show them ‍‍‍their‍‍‍ best personality.We have recorded our latest instalment of Street Dance.  We are getting in the groove of this now. Check us out!We have made our own, step by step guide to fractions. We have created a video to help you understand how to solve fraction problems.We have been looking at the geography of Wales. We have learnt its location and the human and physical features of Wales. We consulted maps to learn about the points of a compass and how we use them. We have been learning how to greet people in French and ask questions so we can interact with our French division


This week, we are creating our own smoothies to go with our exercise video. So far, we have sampled different types of fruit and have decided which ones we liked the best. We have chosen fruits that are brightly coloured, tasty, juicy and sweet. e think these features will make our smoothie the most delicious one you will ever taste! To make sure we make a perfect smoothie we have written instructions to follow.

We have been‍‍‍ practising our times tables and are using them to solve problems involving The Twits. We have used lots of different methods to work out the calculations, including a multiplication square!


In case you didn't already know we've been receiving memo's from our boss Olive Stein. We have learned about a life cycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and insects and created animations to show this. We also found out about how mammals feed their young.

We were asked to focus on Jane Goodall and her fascination with chimpanzees. She found out so much about the unique animals. Did you know she won an award for being the first woman to live with chimpanzees? Just recently we learnt about David Attenborough and how famous he is for his never seen before footage of animals. He narrated lots of series like Blue Planet 1 and 2. He is very famous for his old age. He still tries hard to find out more on these fantastic animals sharing the world with us.  

Our next memo that olive sent us was to use the Pixton.com to create a comic. Pixton lets you add props, characters and backgrounds to you comic. You also get to take a photo and put it as your background to make your story/comic. We have been asked to translate some key French words and phrases for the websit, for example 'ca'va?' means 'how are you?’ to create a French vocabulary edition of Let’s Go with Portal.


This is our last week working for Portal Digital. So far this week, we have learnt how electricity works and how it travels through a circuit. This will help us this week to create our own product to sell to companies. We have wrote letters to several museums to promote our product. We are hoping they will purchase this to use in their museums. We have had to make sure our letters are wrote correctly and have the correct features. We are planning to write our fantasy stories this week using some of the features we have learnt in the novel Skellig. We have also learnt how to read a map and use a 4 figure grid reference to locate places on a map. This week is our final instalment of our street dance video. You can now view all instalments to follow our routine. Good luck!


We created a tally chart about eye colour and then used this information to make a bar chart.   We made smoothies out of different kinds of fruit.  We added honey and milk.  We wrote instructions on how to make a smoothie.  We tasted the smoothies.  They were delicious. We have been thinking of ideas for our Twits style story.  We needed to think of pranks that Mr and Mrs Twit could play on each other.  We thought of some good ones for example; When Mrs Twit is in the shower she uses her blue shower gel.  Mr Twit had put some food colouring in it and she turned blue.  We had a multiplication test which was tricky but our Pod Manager was quite impressed with us.  Some of us scored 20/20. Olive will be pleased with our progress in maths.

We have been planning a story about Mr and Mrs Twit and how they play pranks on each other. Olive asked us to make a tally chart and then a bar chart.  We have completed the tally chart and we drew our own which we are very proud of.  We have to try the bar chart on Friday and then our Pod manager wants us to answer questions on it.   Olive has asked us to find out about a healthy body and how we maintain our health.  We have looked at all aspects of health and created some posters and work which we will be using for the website.