Guardian Profiles Avery

We are Kind

We are Fair

We are Curious

We are Creative

We are Brave

At school, we learn to count, spell, add and write. We learn about events from the past and places around the world. We learn about how the world works and how to keep healthy.

We learn all these things...but we learn something more important than these things. We learn how to be. How to be a better person. How to be more informed. How to be proud of ourselves.


We learn to be kind.

We learn to be fair.

We learn to be curious.

We learn to creative.

We learn to be brave.


We do this with the help of The Guardians. The Guardians represent these core attributes and values in all of us. They have gifted us 5 incredible Power Stones which glow brightly when each of these core attributes and values are present in all of us. We work hard to keep the Power Stones charged and glowing. If a Power Stone dims, we know we must work on developing that core attribute or value in ourselves.


The Guardians each embody one of the Power Stones. They show us what we can do to be like them.

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The Guardians 2

Meet The Guardians

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