Core Attributes & Values

Our Core Attribute and Values underpin all our work and influence all aspects of school life. It is our hope that after developing these during their time at our school, our pupils will have the foundations to help them participate as valuable members of society. We endeavour to inspire and support all our pupils to be:

Questions, challenges and listens carefully

Choose and use appropriate method of communication

Respond appropriately to others after listening.

Work as part of a team and/or take the lead

Continue to develop vocabulary

Speak clearly

Eagerness to succeed

Be enthusiastic

Strive to reach and exceed personal goals

Attend school

Actively take part

Make choices to help success


Be responsible for own actions

Think of others before being dishonest

Be truthful

Be confident in own beliefs

Be willing to share own point of view

Set own realistic goals

Be self motivated

Be resilient

Be confident to succeed and fail

Look at the big picture


Have a desire to broaden experiences

Have an awareness of possibilities

Desire to be industrious

Aim high

Be polite and well mannered

Follow school rules

Value the ideas and opinions of others

Accept diversity

Speak, listen and respond appropriately

Is fair and takes turns

Confident to challenge discrimination of self or others

Be organised with time, work and self

Be a reflective thinker

Be self motivated

Make decisions about own learning

Be open minded

Be willing to take risks

Be confident to succeed and make mistakes

Persevere with challenges

Ask for support when needed

Be proud of strengths and differences

Communicate ideas and feeling

Ask questions and challenge

Form own opinions

Respect opinions of others.

Confident to challenge discrimination of self or others

Show understanding of difference and similarities within the school community and beyond.

Treat everyone with respect

Be empathetic towards difficulties

Respect the ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences of others.

Treat others the way we expect to be treated.

Confident to challenge discrimination of self or others

Have an enquiring mind

Desire to ask questions

Desire to explore and investigate

Be open minded

Be confident to succeed and make mistakes

Follow things through to the conclusion.

Be emotionally secure

Be able to talk about feelings

Be kind

Be helpful

Be friendly

Live alongside others

Make the right choices

Demonstrate appropriate personal and social skills

Think about how others feel

Confident to challenge discrimination of self or others










Caring & Empathetic





Confident & Resilient