Behaviour for Learning


At Bedlington Station Primary School we know how important it is to think about our learning and to receive effective feedback that we can act upon to support our future learning. To help us do this we use our Behaviour for Learning systems.

Each time we start a new piece of work we add our learning title to the page. Our learning title always starts with ‘We are learning to...” (WALT). When we finish our work we traffic light our learning with the right colour to let our teacher know how we feel we did in achieving our learning objective.

Green – I managed to do the work and I feel happy about it.

Orange – I think I understand but would like more practise.

Red – I found it hard and I am confused.

In reception our teacher also traffic lights our work to show how well we did. From Year 1 to 6 our teachers use a letter on our work to show the level of support given.

Needed little/no support   (I) Independent

Needed some support       (S) Supported

Needed lots of support       (G) Guided

Self Assessment

Learning Comment

After we traffic light our learning we always write a learning comment. Our comment shows we have reflected on our learning and have thought about our next steps. We always write something we did well and something we would like to improve. These are usually directly linked to our learning but could also include things like presentation or use of time. We have prompts in class to help us.

Going for Gold

When our teachers mark our work they use colours to show what we did well and where we need to improve.

Green – To show where we have been successful in the lesson.

Red – To show the areas we need to correct. We use green pen to make these corrections.

Gold – To show when we have thought about our learning and written a ‘gold’ learning comment.

These are our marking slips:

Our teachers write a comment to let us know what we did well and what we need to do to improve. We might have a ‘Think about’ or a ‘Show me’ comment.