Jungle Journey

This half term, Willow class became researchers for our client, Umawi, who wanted to visit the jungle but wanted to be prepared before she leaves her home in Bedlington Station. We used non-fiction books and the internet to research what the weather is like in the jungle and what kinds of plants and animals live there. We put our findings into a class book for Umawi to take with her to the jungle. We had a lot of fun in our Imagination Station which had been turned into a jungle where we camped in a tent! We also tasted different types of jungle fruit, ordered jungle animals by their size and weight, wrote postcards from the jungle and used a range of materials to create jungle animals. In PE the children have gone on a “Jungle Journey,” where they learned how to slither like a snake, jump like tree frogs, balance like flamingos and roll coconuts like gorillas! We also had a visitor from ‘Bugs ‘n’ Stuff’ bring in lots of creepy crawlies from the jungle to meet and touch!